U.S. Constitution Studies

The Constitution of the United States
This little pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution can be carried with you anywhere for easy use. Contains complete text with Amendments, the Declaration of Independence, a list of important dates to remember and an Index. Booklet.


The U.S. Constitution for Everyone
This little book by Jerome Agel and Mort Gerberg is your introduction to the story of how our nations's founding fathers wrote our basic laws which enabled the original 13 colonies and the states which formed later to become the United States of America. Paperback. Youth and up.


E Pluribus Unum: The Formation of the American Republic 1776-1790
A thorough, penetrating and lively account of the development of America as a nation by Forrest McDonald.


The Federalist Papers
by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Introduction and Notes by Charles R. Kesler. The classic defense of the U.S. Constitution. Very reasonably priced. Paperback.


The Anti-Federalist Papers
A series of articles written by dissenters to the new constitution drafted in 1787. Paperback.


The Anti-Federalist Writings of the Melancton Smith Circle
edited by Michael Zuckert and Derek Webb. The book makes available in one volume the essential writings of men such as Melancton Smith who opposed the new Constitution of the United States. Quality paperback.


A Catechism of the U.S. Constitution
Teach your children the contents of the constitution with the simple question and answer method. Ages 10 and up. Large Paperback.


Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
by Jean Fritz. The author's account of the making of our Constitution written in an "informative, interesting and immensely readable style." Illustrated. Ages 8-11. Paperback.


The Heritage Guide to the Constitution
This guide brings together more than one hundred of the nation's best legal experts to provide the first ever line-by-line examination of the complete Constitution of the United States and its contemporary meaning. Stresses the original intent of the Framers as the authoritative standard of constitutional interpretation. Large Hardback. Highly useful and recommended.

Orig.: $35.00
Sale: $20.00

A More Perfect Union DVD
A full-length comprehensive reenactment of those stirring, heated debates that occured during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Very good dramatic presentation of this historical event. DVD

Orig.: $20.00
Sale: $15.00