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SWR Companion CD for Review and Mastery

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By Jennifer Schroeder. An alumni of Wanda's basic seminar and a faithful user of SWR, recognized a need and designed a valuable solution. Although she realized the value of giving daily quizzes of the student's current spelling words, she struggled to maintain consistency. She had different students at different levels and many demands for her time. She knew that nothing could substitute for the initial teacher-student dictation process, but longed for help with the review process. She decided to record all the spelling words in WISE Guide onto CDs for her children to review on their own. This aid has been a great success for their family. She realized that other educators also lead busy lives and would benefit from a product of this type. Her experiment spawned the new Spell to Write and Read Companion CD. Wanda writes, "I wish I had had this when my boys were still at home! I'm sure I would have been more faithful in reviewing words." A case of six CDs includes a quiz for each set of twenty the spelling words in WISE Guide and all eight of the spelling diagnostic tests in SWR. We highly recommend this professional production as a time-saving aid for the teacher who sees the wisdom of regular review during the week of the words already taught by dictation. See an excellent review: Review See a more detailed description on the producer's web site: Your Name Ministries