SWR Teacher Trainer Contacts

The following women have successfully taught SWR, trained personally under the author, and been endorsed as teacher trainers. All of the official SWR two or three day seminars share the same price scale. All trainers honor each others alumni. Many people desire some additional tailored help from these committed professionals such as private consulting, getting started assistance, co-op teaching, or personal tutoring. Contact the trainer near you to check her availability and fee for the type of extra support that you desire. Realize that private training is generally more costly than group training.

We slowly start to post the official class itinerary early in the year and update it throughout the year as classes materialize. Meanwhile, for information on hosting a class, contact the certified trainer listed for your area or contact the author at Wanda Sanseri

For CANADA contact

Patti Thomas at The King's School, Langley, BC (604) 888-0969 or email Patti Thomas

Nicole Cull (now Mrs. Bob Arklie) from Peachland, BC email Nicole Cull

For CHINA contact

Caroline Huang email: Caroline Huang


For WA, ID, WY contact

Sarah Moser from Long Beach, WA 360-728-9590 or email Sarah Moser. Sarah's Web site: familyedservices

Patsy Mugg from Wenatchee, WA (509) 860-2727 or email: Patsy Mugg

For OR contact

Wanda Sanseri from Portland (503) 654-2300 or email Wanda Sanseri

Sandra Nelson from Beaverton, OR (503) 888-3413 or email Sandra Nelson

Jani Sakultarawattn from St. Helen's, OR: SWR Training

For OR or MT contact

Norma Farrand from NE Portland (503) 256- 2009 or email Norma Farrand

For Northern CA contact

Liz FitzGerald from the SF Bay Area in CA: SWR Training

For Southern CA contact

Mary Tanksley from San Diego, CA email Mary Tanksley
Mary's Web site Heart and Home

For TX or OK contact

Rhonda Bedee from Houston, TX (281) 382-6746 or email Rhonda Bedee

Carolyn Gibbens from Houston, TX (281) 444-6838 or email Carolyn Gibbens

Web site www.texastwo-stepspelling.com

For TN and surrounding areas contact

Jean Evans from Powell, TN (865) 776-3523 or email Jean Evans

For KS and eastern MO contact

Elaine Selby from Overland Park, KS: SWR Training

For Fort Worth TX, eastern MO, MI,and southern IL contact

Julie Wagenmaker from Fort Worth, TX: SWR Training

For WI, MN and surrounding areas

Britta McColl from Fountain City, WI. email Britta McColl

web site Morningstar Learning

For Northeastern US contact

Tracey Williams from Chesapeake City, MD SWR Training or 443-553-0456

For VA contact

Denise Kelley from Verona, VA (540) 248-3952, or email Denise Kelley

For Southeastern US contact

Staci Jackson Rock Hill, SC (803) 327-8258 or email Staci Jackson

Barbara Garrett from Orlando, FL (407) 277-7804 or email Barbara Garrett