Ranked seven times since 2011 in the top three of the PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING® Reader Awards including 1st in PHONICS 2011 and 2012 and 1st in SPELLING 2011 and 2015.

The essential materials for teaching the SWR program along with excellent supplemental aids.

Spell to Write & Read CORE KIT
Spell to Write and Read is both the name of the master book to the entire program and the title for the program itself. The SWR Core kit contains five companion products that work together to teach the first 4 to 6 years of unified language arts or to remediate any age. SWR is an Old Schoolhouse winner for educational excellence. It is also named as one of Cathy Duffy's Top Picks. By Wanda Sanseri


Spell to Write & Read
This teacher's manual gives a step-by-step outline for the entire SWR program. Wanda Sanseri, a homeschool educator with experience as a professional classroom instructor and a private tutor, shows how to teach reading the "write" way. Some children learn to read no matter what a teacher does. By phonetically teaching spelling from the start as the backbone for reading, we can teach all children, regardless of learning styles, to read and spell. To view a Sample SWR and WG pages go to our Free Downloads.


70 Basic Phonogram Cards (Revised and Perforated)
The 70 phonogram cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make.


70 Basic Phonogram CD
The 70 basic phonograms are presented so the student/teacher can actually hear the correct sound of each phonogram.


Spelling Rules Cards (Regular Size)
These unique cards provide a visual memory jogger of the rules for easy review and reinforcement. By Wanda Sanseri.


The WISE Guide for Spelling
Wise Guide is the companion spelling list of words for SWR. WISE stands for Words, Instructions, and Spelling Enrichments. This foundational vocabulary of 2000 core words divided into manageable lessons with two pages of lesson plan ideas for each set of twenty words. By Wanda Sanseri


NEW! Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets A-M
by SWR Trainer Elizabeth Fitzgerald. This book contains teacher answer keys and student worksheets for Wanda Sanseri's "Spell to Write and Read". The material in this book now make the powerful reinforcement ideas from "The Wise Guide" available for any teacher with an easy-to-use format.

The book provides the teacher with answer keys, instructional tips, and ideas for how to use and modify the lessons. Also included is a CD containing printable student worksheets for all the lessons found in Wise Guide Sections A-M.


Primary Learning Log
Primary Learning Log(K thru 2nd grade). The log is wide-rule with a dotted center line. Each year a student builds his own "textbook," logging in foundational material as he learns it. The teacher also needs to build a sample teacher's master. The log has two sections, a place for adding new spelling words and a reference section that will reinforce spelling rules taught.


Black Learning Log
A tailored replacement for the standard blank black composition notebook that students 3rd grade and up use to "log in" new spelling words, analyze spelling rules, collect examples, build grammar understanding, create derivatives, and master correct use of heteronyms.


Spelling Rule Cards (Classroom Size)
These unique cards provide a visual memory jogger of the rules for easy review and reinforcement. By Wanda Sanseri.


Hidden Secrets to Language Success DVD
Author Wanda Sanseri uncovers the secrets to language success taught in Spell to Write and Read. Witness Wanda teaching children of various age as well as parents and educators. Review: "I bought the new DVD last weekend in Portland at the homeschool conference. It is amazing! Buy it if you can. It has over 4 hours of Wanda's wonderful, thorough teaching. I will watch it over and over again. Well worth the price!" -- Beth in SW WA

See sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmbA2y4PLbs&feature=youtu.be


DVD -- You Can Do It! Showing how to use SWR with your Children
This fast-paced, intimate films shows endorsed SWR trainer, Britta McColl teaching the program to her children. In this DVD, Britta opens the door to her home so that you can glimpse the SWR program at work with her preschool and grade school children.


DVD -- An Introduction to SWR: A Blueprint for Language Arts Success
In this DVD follow Greg Munger into the homes of happy SWR users with students of a variety of ages. Listen to these educators talk about why they chose SWR. Watch glimpses of them interact with their students.


Spelling Dictation Book Mark: Guide for Quick Reference


Alpha List
The recently updated Alpha List analyzes 2300 high-frequency words and/or commonly misspelled words including all 2000 words in WISE Guide plus 300 highly used proper nouns. By Wanda Sanseri


Beginning Grammar Reader --I Can Run
By Wanda Sanseri. Beginning Grammar Readers are designed so that the student will be the co-author and illustrator of the book. I Can Run! presents the idea of the simple subject/verb. Students will read sentences using words from Wise List A-E. They will draw an illustration for each page to show they comprehend the meaning. Click for a sample and comments from a user.


Beginning Grammar Reader --Up Over and Out
by Wanda Sanseri. A Beginning Grammar Reader: Book 2 Prepositions.

In this book students will read and illustrate sentences about pets using words from Wise List A-H. They will also diagram the preposition/object in each sentence. Wanda field-tested the grammar readers with students of various ages. The children were all delighted with them and learned to identify prepositions with ease. A teacher reports, "My daughter loves drawing the pictures."


McCall Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading A-E
This convenient HARDBACK Edition is a reprint of the original 1926 work which was last updated in 1961. We believe this older edition, that has been replaced by a newer, updated version with the same name, is a better product. The distinquishing mark is the the copyright date. A teacher's Manual and Answer Key is also available for $5.00 and is highly recommended. See next item below.


McCall Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading A-E Guide & Answer Key
This manual and answer key accompanies the McCall Crabbs A-E text and gives instructors help in using the book along with answers to each lesson. Highly recommended for use with the McCall Crabbs A-E book. Booklet.


The New England Primer of 1777
edited by Gary and Wanda Sanseri.

Reprint of the 1777 classic which helped produce a high level of literate, self-taught citizens
who valued righteousness and liberty.

Beautiful, hard cover edition retypeset in larger print and formatted for modern readers.


SWR Beginning Reader --Book 1 -- Play by the Sea
By Wanda Sanseri. Early spelling words abound in a book on having fun in the sun. Run, jump, and play on the land and in the big, green sea. Come look for shells in the sand by me.


SWR Beginning Reader -- Book 2 -- Let's Play I See
By Wanda Sanseri. Check a beginning reader's comprehension in a fun manner. Does your student enjoy playing the game, "I Spy?" Then her eyes will sparkle with Let's Play, "I See." Booklet.


Phonogram Bingo
by SWR Trainer, Britta McColl. This unique set of Phonogram Bingo Cards follows the most up-to-date order of teaching in Spell to Write and Read. A simple way to learn all 70 basic phonograms.


Phonogram Game Cards
Play the memory game using a set of white "book face" game cards and a set of yellow "cursive" game cards. Cards can also be used with any favorite game board. by Wanda Sanseri


SWR Companion CD for Review and Mastery
A case of six CDs include a quiz for each set of twenty the spelling words in WISE Guide and all eight of the spelling diagnostic tests in SWR. We highly recommend this professional production as a time-saving aid for the teacher who sees the wisdom of regular review during the week of the words already taught by dictation.


SWR Chart Packet
Save hours of preparation time with these 26 reproducible chart masters. By Wanda Sanseri Click the above title, SWR Chart Packet, to view sample pages.


Clock Stamp
Recommended for teaching manuscript writing of the "clock letters". Also helpful for teaching students to tell time.


SWR Sandpaper Letters
We are happy to introduce an optional, high quality product that can aid teaching the SWR student how to write cursive lower case letters.


SWR Educational Games for Fun and Learning
Compiled and Edited by Paul Munger. Contains over 50 games that will make learning fun! The book contains quick, easy games to make and play at home or in the car. It also contains reviews of select educational games you can purchase, and a special section of games specifically designed for use with the Spell to Write and Read language arts program. Plus a game index that helps you find games suitable for a particular learning style or grade level. Spiral bound. All ages.