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McCall Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading A-E

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This convenient HARDBACK Edition is a reprint of the original 1926 work which was last updated in 1961. We believe this older edition, that has been replaced by a newer, updated version with the same name, is a better product. The distinquishing mark is the the copyright date. A teacher's Manual and Answer Key is also available for $5.00 and is highly recommended. See next item below.

One happy user wrote, "I think it is so interesting the amount of money homeschooling families (and schools) spend on "teaching" reading comprehension to their children. I've never spent a dime besides the McCall-Crabbs. Best investment in homeschooling I've ever made, besides your SWR books!:)"

The McCall-Crabbs original series is the best tool we have been able to find to help a student improve comprehension. The student is given three minutes to read a short selection and answer multiple choice questions. The topics are interesting and varied. I used to do three of these a week. It was fast but also effective. The questions have been carefully constructed to test all the key skills in understanding what we read such as: detecting the sequence, getting the main idea, identifying facts, making inferences. I would have my sons do the timed activity. If they did not finish in the time alloted, they would switch to a different colored pencil and complete the assignment. Each lesson is normed by ability level. The teacher can quickly see how well the student comprehends in relationship to his grade level. Only the answers done in the three minutes will count towards that score. The student does not need to know their grade-level standing, but it is helpful for the teacher to have this benchmark of progress. After I marked my sons work, I would have them go back and try to correct any questions that they missed. This trained them to start looking for certain things as they read. An added bonus was elevated standardized test scores, an important pathway to college scholarships.

In summary this invaluable tool will help you: evaluate reading ability, teach comprehension techniques, chart individual student progress, and improve standardized test scores. The book can be used again and again because each student writes his answers on a separate piece of paper (a master form for answers can be photocopied from the answer key), Bound in hardback for lasting use for years to come. Home educators can pass this book on to the next generation. Schools can order a set which can be rotated between different classes on a schedule and last for many years of use.

This single volume combines five years of reading selections, 78 lessons per volume. The reading range covers from first grade to post graduate levels.

McCall-Crabbs Book A for Superior 1st graders+
McCall-Crabbs Book B for Superior 2nd graders+
McCall-Crabbs Book C for Superior 3rd graders+
McCall-Crabbs Book D for Superior 4th graders+
McCall-Crabbs Book E for Superior 5th graders+

Five volumes in one $40.00.