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CLASS SCHEDULES: Over the years official Spell to Write and Read seminars have been taught in five foreign countries and all but three states: ME, VT, WY. In any given year, we provide training in many different cities distributed around the country.. We will again have many classes in the coming year. Some classes are taught in the winter, spring and fall, but most seminars will be in the summer.

Classes for 2019 are posted as they are set. So far we have posted seminars including a special one-day class posted in OR in March as well as two-day basic seminars in MI and OR in March, in MO in June, in SC in June and July, and in NE and TX in August. A three-day advanced is scheduled for July. Watch for more to come. Your expressed interest can help bring a class to your area.

This calendar was last updated on April 8, 2019.

CLASS CONTENTS : This hands-on seminar demonstrates how we use spelling as the foundation for teaching writing and reading. All grades pre-K to 12 benefit. In a regular two-day seminar you will receive an overview of the program, its methodologies, and historical background. For the greater part of the course the instructor will teach you as if you were the child learning from scratch. This experience with you as the student will help you better understand SWR and give you confidence to teach the program to others. Learn how to teach English in a logical, consistent way regardless of the student's ability level.

Cathy Duffy who selected SWR for her 100 and her 101 Top Picks reports: "Wanda and other teacher trainers she has trained and endorsed offer seminars across the country and in Canada. I have received many positive reports from those who have attended Wanda's seminars and have used her materials. They tell me that Wanda gives them practical instruction that really works."

One class attendee wrote: "I have learned more in this two-day course than in all my twelve years in school. I feel I have gained more confidence to teach."

TEACHER PREP FOR CLASS: Advanced study of the Spell to Write and Read teacher's manual is highly recommended before attending a training class. It is especially essential to get a working knowledge of the phonograms ahead of time. Read the introduction and the appendix to SWR. Especially look over the Scope and Sequence and practice giving the spelling dictation scripted in Step 12.

SEMINAR COSTS: The price for a full two-day Basic Seminar is $135 regular/$68 for special guest. Three-day Basic Seminars are now becoming popular. A full three-day class (either basic or advanced) costs $195 regular/ $98 for special guests. Some teachers are also offering a shorter class called a Practicum. The special guest discount does not apply to a Practicum. Consult with the trainer for the focus of any particular Practicum and for the specific cost.

Payment must be made in US funds. Most trainers do not receive credit card payment for class registration. Special guests include: additional family members of same immediate family, single parents, missionaries, senior pastors and wives, alumni of an earlier BASIC class taught by an endorsed trainer. Some work scholarship may be available.

HOW TO USE THE CALENDAR: If you see a location that would be good for you, click on the date and you will find additional information, including who to contact for added information such as location and space availability.

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