A Banker's Confession
A Christian Guide to Debt Free Living

A Banker's Confession: A Christian Guide to Debt Free Living
By ex-banker, Gary Sanseri

In this revised edition, Gary presents the principles of debt free living in Christian perspective. The book describes how, with just a dollar a day, the average homeowner can SAVE almost $45,000.00 in interest payments to the bank!!! Many educators use this book as a course on personal finance. Study questions are now included in the book and a new Answer Key is available for instructors.

Review by Vision Harvest: "The strength of A Banker's Confession is its fresh discussion of debt-related topics, the important Biblical and historical perspectives it provides, and the interesting anecdotal insights the author presents to help make what is often a dry subject more enjoyable and accessible. This book deserves a wide readership."

Includes Study Questions


You can purchase a printed copy or download a free copy in PDF format with this link. • "A Banker's Confession" Answer Key