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Spell to Write & Read Facebook Support Group
Spell to Write & Read Yahoo Support Group
Good sources for SWR questions and answers
SWR Training
The web site of Liz FitzGerald, Endorsed Spell to Write & Read Trainer, author of Cursive First, and the Owner & Moderator of our two online support groups.
SpellWriteRead Phonogram app for Android
Note: There is an issue with the app. We are working to correct it.
SpellWriteRead app for Apple
Note: There is an issue with the app. We are working to correct it.
Endorsed SWR clips
YouTube excerpts from Hidden Secrets to Language Success DVD with Wanda Sanseri as well as samples of SWR trainers giving spelling dictation. Heidi Thomas demos dictating words before her son has the motor skills for pencil and paper work. She also dictates words to her other sons at a variety of higher spelling levels. Warning: It is important to select links that are labelled Endorsed SWR. Some items on YouTube claim to support SWR or teach phonograms but violate important aspects of the program.
Penmanship - Large Motor Skills
Clip of Endorsed Trainer, Britta McColl teaching penmanship with large motor skills taken from her DVD, You Can Do It!
Consonant/Vowel Page Part 1
Endorsed Teacher Trainer, Britta McColl teaching multiple ages the Consonant portion of the Consonant Vowel Page.
Morningstar Learning
The web site of Britta McColl, endorsed Spell to Write & Read trainer, and teacher on the DVD, You Can Do It!
Family Education Services
The web site of Sarah Moser, Spell to Write & Read endorsed trainer.
SWR Companion CD
Web site for publisher of the SWR Companion CD. Sample audio available from this site.
Exodus Books/Eli Evans
Carefully selected new & used homeschool materials, quality literature, music, games, and Christian books available on site in Portland area or online.
SWR User Review
Read why this teacher recommends Spell to Write & Read
Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services
Professional support, classes, testing, and encouragement for the homeschool community. Located in Oregon City, Oregon.
Josh Sanseri Photography
Designer of the BHI web site