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Spell to Write and Read --the overall master book.

WISE Guide -- list of 2000 spelling words (K-12) with lesson plan ideas for each set of 20 words. Wise Guide is the companion spelling list of words for SWR. WISE stands for Words, Instructions, and Spelling enrichments. This foundational vocabulary of 2000 core words is divided into manageable lessons with two pages of lesson plan ideas for each set of twenty words

The Phonogram Cards-- These cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. The back of each card give detailed information for presenting the phonogram like a master teacher. To avoid confusion in working with the SWR program, do not substitute cards from other systems. We recommend that cursive is taught first, but someone can still use this program successfully by starting with manuscript.  We want to establish the most direct connection between the symbol and the sound. The front side of the card simply shows the phonogram as we would see it in a book. On the back side of the card is information for the teacher. It includes what the teacher should say for the student and side notes for personal understanding.

The Spelling Rule Cards -- compose 98 "keys" to the language taught throughout the program. These unique cards provide a visual memory jogger of the rules for easy review and reinforcement.

The Phonogram CD --The 70 basic phonograms are presented so the student/teacher can actually hear the correct sound of each phonogram.   

Primary Learning Log --  (K thru 2nd grade). The log is wide-rule with a dotted center line. Each year a student builds their own "textbook," logging in foundational material as they learn it. The teacher also needs to build a sample teacher's master. The log has two sections, a place for adding new spelling words and a reference section that will reinforce spelling rules taught.

Black Learning Log -- A tailored replacement for the standard blank black composition notebook that students 3rd grade and up use to "log in" new spelling words, analyze spelling rules, collect examples, build grammar understanding, create derivatives, and master correct use of heteronyms.

Hidden Secrets to Language Success DVD -- Author Wanda Sanseri uncovers the secrets to language success taught in Spell to Write and Read. Witness Wanda teaching children of various age as well as parents and educators. This DVD contains 4 hours of Wanda's wonderful, thorough teaching.

The Alpha List -- The Alpha List analyzes 2300 high-frequency words and/or commonly misspelled words including all 2000 words in WISE Guide plus 300 highly used proper nouns. Each word is divided into syllables, marked with SWR markings. Related rules are cited, common derivatives listed, points of interest noted, and cross-reference is made to their location in WISE Guide. The Alpha List is not restricted to users of SWR. Our marking system is summarized and our rules are provided. If a child misspells a word, now you can have a resource to successfully explain it phonetically. Stands alone or works in conjunction with Wise Guide.

I Can Run --  Beginning Grammar Readers are designed so that the student will be the co-author and illustrator of the book. I Can Run! presents the idea of the simple subject/verb. Students will read sentences using words from Wise List A-E. They will draw an illustration for each page to show they comprehend the meaning.

Up Over and Out -- In this book students will read and illustrate sentences about pets using words from Wise List A-H. They will also diagram the preposition/object in each sentence. Students of various ages field-tested the grammar readers. The children were all delighted with them and learned to identify prepositions with ease. A teacher reports, "My daughter loves drawing the pictures."

Play by the Sea -- Early spelling words abound in a book on having fun in the sun. Run, jump, and play on the land and in the big, green sea. Come look for shells in the sand by me.

Let's Play I See -- Check a beginning reader's comprehension in a fun manner. Does your student enjoy playing the game, "I Spy?" Then her eyes will sparkle with Let's Play, "I See."