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The Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Act
27 Feb 2009

According to the Cascade Policy Institute a Bill giving educational tax credits is being considered in the state legislature. This is a great opportunity to support School Choice here in Oregon. Here is Cascade's message:

"The bill that would give tax credits for K-12 education expenses and for donations to low-income scholarship programs is under consideration in Salem. Representative Matt Wingard was joined by 24 members from the house and senate in sponsoring the Rose Friedman Educational Opportunity Act (House Bill 2754)."

In the meantime it is vital that you act now to support the bill:

1. Contact your state representative and senator and ask them to co-sponsor H.B. 2754, the education tax credit bill! Find your legislator at Find Your Legislator . Please alert us to any responses you get from legislators by emailing Christina@cascadepolicy.org.

2. Spread the word about ORED and H.B. 2754! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to show their support by joining ORED ."

Cascade Policy Institute