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Life of John Calvin (out of print)

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by Theodore Beza. Perhaps the best account of the Geneva Reformer ever written. Author Theodore Beza was Calvin's intimate friend and colleague. A heart warming account of the Great Reformer by his colleague and close friend, perhaps the best life of Calvin ever written. Originally written in French and Latin, this reprint edition follows the 1844 English translation of Henry Beveridge. Newly edited and expanded by Gary Sanseri. Helpful appendices include: Calvin on Reforming the Church, an assessment of the Servetus affair by Philip Schaff. and an account of Calvin's wife. Women should be especially encouraged by this example of a Proverbs 31 woman. John describes her as "the best companion of my life" and praises her saying, "She has been a faithful aid in all my ministry. Never has she hindered me in the slightest." "Theodore Beza has rendered a service to encourage our perseverance in the truth by giving the eye-witness account of John Calvin's life and ministry." - Trinity Book Service Bound as a quality hardback for lasting use. Retains original text for historical value. Divides document into logical chapters. Breaks lengthy sentences and paragraphs from original text into manageable size. Provides study questions for each chapter. Includes17 illustrations to enhance the story.