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Life of John Knox

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by Thomas McCrie. The classic life of Knox who is considered a great religious reformer and founder of Scottish Presbyterianism. In this classic life of John Knox, author/historian Thomas McCrie vividly portrays Knox as the valiant Christian Reformer. The reader will discover how God used this man to spread the Protestant Reformation in Scotland during the 16th century. The book is divided into nine periods of the Reformer's life. The cover is backed with a Scottish tartan print in honor of this Scottish leader. Pictures have been added to the BHI edition to add life to his dynamic story. Drawings include some people who had a high influence on his life. Patrick Hamilton at age 24 is depicted before being burned at the stake for protesting church corruption. A portrait of George Wishart, shows another martyr for Christ to whom "our reformer was most indebted." Also shown are John Calvin and James Stewart. The coronation of Mary Queen of Scots is captured as well as a personal encounter between the reformer and female royalty. She summoned Knox to five famous and emotionally charged meetings. Knox reported her "howling and weeping in abundance." An action shot of him preaching captures the high energy and power of his oratory. A sketch is included of the pulpit he used at St. Andrews Parish Church and of his home on High Street in Edinburgh.