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Remarkable Providences (out of print)

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by Increase Mather. An incredible collection of stories that evidence God's remarkable providence in colonial New England. Mather lived in the colonial era and gives a trustworthy account of the events. Increase Mather, a prominent New England divine, wrote in the seventeenth-century this collection of fascinating stories of God's remarkable providences in the early days of American colonization.BHI has republished this newly enlarged reproduction of the 1856 reprint of the original 1684 publication. Since the work was not retype set, it retains the 1856 spelling conventions that differ from today but are easily discernible for modern readers. Good original source material from early American history. The short clips on sea deliverances provide excellent material for composition assignments. Students read the inspirational account and retell the story using vivid verbs and other tools of dynamic writing. One teacher provided a contest reward for the best rewrite.