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God's Priceless Woman

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A life-changing study that addresses the concerns of young, old, married and single women in light of God's Word. Based on Titus 2:3-5. Each phrase in the passage is studied in at least two lessons. A character study of a woman in the Bible provides either a positive or negative example, followed by a broad based overview of what the Bible says on the topic. For example on the idea of "not being given to slander" the character study is of Miriam who because of gossip against Moses was struck by God with leprosy. Then we study the verses in Scripture on positive uses of the tongue. Designed for private, one-on-one, group study and homeschool. This highly propular study has continued in print for fifteen years.

Endorsements: " I found myself refreshed after just doing the first lesson." See full Review by Heidi "I am studying GPW with some friends and as I studied my homework this morning, I was moved to tears. There is truth after truth that God has used your study to reveal to me. Today isn’t the first time, but I am studying chapter 11 right now on Eve’s example. Chapter 10 was just as moving and life-changing. The impact of these truths on my life is profound, I would even say immeasurable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being used by God to change my life. I think the tears come from intense relief. Like the Bible says, the truth will set you free."--KS "I am nearly finished with GPW. This has been the most amazing book I've ever gone through and as a senior in high school it has redirected my aim and goals God ward. I am interested in purchasing several more so that friends in my youth group can go through the study. Every Christian woman desiring to serve and please the Lord should go through this book!" -- Jessica "Four women and myself are going through God's Priceless Woman. We see positive changes in our marriages and children. Following God's direction works! Thank you for your written insights and testimony." "I am enjoying GPW so much. I love the format of questions before each lesson. It is a refreshing, challenging, and exciting in-depth study. God has blessed me greatly through it." -- Jennifer