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Covered or Uncovered

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by Gary Sanseri. Foreword by R.C. Spoul, Jr. What is proper decorum? Should men remove hats or wear a prayer shawl while participating in public worship? Should women veil their heads for formal worship services of the church? Is hair length for men and women just a matter of personal preference? Gary has carefully studied Scripture as well as the history of the church to find out what the Bible says about men and women and headship symbols. What reasons did Paul give for the teaching? How have Christians through the ages understood the teaching? Why has the church in most denominations in the west changed headcovering practices in the lifetime of many adults today? Many dismiss the passage as a cultural teaching for first century times. What was the prevailing practice of pagans in an ancient Greek seaport city? Why and when should headcoverings be worn and by whom? This book extensively examines 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 . The consistency of Paul's message is compared to male/female roles at creation, in Israel, with Jesus, and in the church through the ages. The rejection of this apostolic teaching in more recent times is analyzed. Who led the shift in practice? Was there a justifiable biblical reason for the change? Seven appendices cover a variety of things including perhaps the most thorough published compilation of quotes on the subject taken from church history. Other appendices include: a comparison with 1 Corinthians 14 and 1 Timothy 2, a link between Marxism and the role of women in society, the dangers of unisex, the testimony of a converted religious feminist, and common misconceptions. Covered or Uncovered is written in the hope that God will use this book to help more churches recapture the vital headship principle. To God be the glory. This is perhaps the most complete study of the topic ever written. 351 pages hardback.