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Play by the Sea

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By Wanda Sanseri A SWR beginning reader for students who have completed Wise Guide Spelling Section I-1. By Wanda Sanseri SWR does not require a basal reader because we teach from the beginning the keys to the language and children can read using a variety of materials. Nevertheless, I have always wanted to produce some books that focus on the initial spelling words. Our first words are the easiest to spell of the most commonly used words in the language. Unlike most beginning lists, our words are not just words with short vowel sounds. We have the potential of making more interesting and more naturally constructed sentences. This book contains all 120 of the words in Spelling Sections A-F in Wise Guide with an additional twenty-three words. Play by the Sea has a lyrical quality and clear word pictures. It begins, "We can have fun in the sun on this good hot day in May. We can run, and jump, and play on the land and in the big, green sea. You can look for shells in the sand by me." The adventure by the sea includes a short tan bag of bread to throw. "All the wild sea gulls can land, grab it, and go." What is a favorite activity by the water? You guessed it. "Mother can see us boys make sand into toys. We dug a long street so the sea can run to a thick ring wall. In it we made a hill. We call this a little sand castle. We can see a big wave go up the street to the castle. In and out the wave did play by the wall, at the wall, on the wall, over the wall, in the wall and into the castle. In time ten big waves hit the home of sand, but we did not look to see it. Waves washed it flat as we ran and ran." All is not peaceful and calm. There are lessons to be learned. The boy telling the story confessed, "I am sad to say I was a bad boy." Read the story to discover what mischievous thing he did and how his father helped him mend his ways. See the boy's positive response to correction. This simple story has interesting graphics, worthwhile instruction, strong family values, and even a touch of humor. Discussion questions are provided at the end as well as some activities that can be done with this book. In the inside front cover a box is headed, "I have successfully read this book by myself!" Lines are provided for a number of students to write their names and the date. This can be an early reading experience to cherish.