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God's Priceless Woman Leader's Guide

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The leader's guide supplements "God's Priceless Woman." It helps those moderating a group study, but it can also enhance personal study. It does not contain the lesson notes. It does, however, repeat the questions in the book and provides some sample answers from the author's life and perspective. This aid should enhance but not replace the leader's own private study and personal application. The leader's guide also has tips for leading the group and other helpful resources. The appendix can be duplicated for the group use: helps in studying scripture, enhancing prayer time, planning a weekly devotional guide. Proverbs 31 is outlined as an acrostic using the English alphabet. The student can try to complete the summary of each verse in her own words. For comparison and deeper study, Titus 3:3-5 is provided in eleven different translations and paraphrases. A two column student worksheet on Titus 2:3-5 contrasts: things to do and teach; opposites. A completed version is provided for the teacher. Also included is the author's personal testimony and several stories from her life. One lady bought the Leader's Guide at a convention. She wrote to BHI later saying, "This book changed my life. Now I realize that it is just a supplement. I'm eager to get the actual book." The supplement was not designed to stand alone, but it does make sense on its own. Most of the content is not duplicated elsewhere.