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Spell to Write & Read

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By Wanda Sanseri. This teacher's manual gives a step-by-step outline for the entire SWR program. To view a Sample SWR and WG pages go to our Free Downloads.

Wanda Sanseri, a homeschool educator with experience as a professional classroom instructor and a private tutor, shows how to teach reading the "write" way. Some children learn to read no matter what a teacher does. By phonetically teaching spelling from the start as the backbone for reading, we can teach all children, regardless of learning styles, to read and spell.

Reviewer Heidi Shaw from the Old Schoolhouse calls the Spell to Write and Read program: "The spelling program with results! That's how I would begin to describe the very comprehensive, very complete set of material. I know from firsthand experience that this program works and the results are impressive to say the least." Full Review by Heidi