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SPELL TO WRITE & READ > 70 Basic Phonogram Cards (Revised and Perforated)
70 Basic Phonogram Cards (Revised and Perforated)

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By Wanda Sanseri. These cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. The back of each card give detailed information for presenting the phonogram like a master teacher. To avoid confusion in working with the SWR program, do not substitute cards from other systems. Below is an example of the front and back side of the phonogram card for 'ti.' The front side of the card simply shows the phonogram as we would see it in a book. The teacher will write on the board the way that she wants the child to write the letter. We recommend that cursive is taught first, but someone can still use this program successfully by starting with manuscript. Notice that the card purposefully omits any picture clues or extra information. We want to establish the most direct connection between the symbol and the sound. On the back side of the card is information for the teacher. It includes what she should say for the student and side notes for her personal understanding.