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Save hours of preparation time with these 26 reproducible chart masters. Designed for use with Spell to Write and Read but easily adaptable to other spelling words. A new set of Reference Pages should be built each year to properly reinforce key spelling rules. Students may either do these in their Learning Log or on photocopies of these charts. The Primary Learning Log has the most crucial Reference Pages outlined in the back of the book. Students who use the Black Learning Log will need to construct these pages from scratch. Samples are provided in SWR. Teachers new to the program with students third grade and up may prefer photocopying and three-hole punching these charts to be used in lieu of building the reference pages in the back of the Black Log. While it is valuable to build these pages from scratch, it is easier the first year in the program if you can focus on the word examples of concepts rather than how to format a blank page into columns and title the concepts for each.

This valuable teacher's aid can be use as flip charts with students in either of the Logs. The Reference Pages are constructed a little at a time as we progress through the program. Many of the pages collect examples of certain things. For example, we have a page for the different spellings of ER. If we come to a word that uses UR we add it to the UR column. The chart will provide the teacher a handy form to display and add it as needed.

How do these charts compare to the TRHS charts that some may already have? All of the original charts are included in the new packet but they are now organized with a horizontal layout which provides more room for writing word examples. Many have been updated. This packet has added charts for plurals, ED, SH, Homophones, Abbreviations, Contractions, Prepositions, Parts of Speech. The chart forms are not in the SWR book as they were in TRHS. They must be purchased separately.