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Beginning Grammar Reader --Up Over and Out

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All the selections in Up, Over, and Out deal with pets or would-be pets. Several are animals observed in the wild. Wanda field-tested the grammar readers with students of various ages. The children were all delighted with them.


Some grammar books consider preposition to be a difficult concept to teach, but these books helped children who did not know how to identify a preposition to do so with ease.


One of the teachers who taught Wanda years ago successfully did this abbreviated form of diagramming with her first grade classes. Wanda was amazed by the idea of teaching at such a young age something that she had found helpful in high school. She tried it with young children with the same success. Wanda knows of nothing else on the market quite like these booklets. A side benefit is that the beginning grammar readers also gently teach grammar to the teacher who feels insecure in this area.


One happy educator wrote, "I just finished Kindergarten with my 5-year old son who is "all boy"! He is constantly "working" on something around here...mostly building forts and digging for dinosaur bones, so it takes a lot to get his mind off of those other things. At the end of the year, I stumbled upon your Grammar Readers. Wow! He absolutely loves these, and begs to do more than one page at a time!! They have been an enormous help to me." Another reports, "My daughter loves drawing the pictures."