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SWR Beginning Reader -- Book 2  -- Let's Play I See  

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By Wanda Sanseri. Book 2 in the SWR Beginning Reader series. These books contain reading selections where most of the words come from early spelling lists in the Wise Guide.

Let's Play "I See" checks the student's comprehension in a fun manner. The student reads a series of questions like a detective searching for the answer. The questions move from general to more specific. Can the student identify on his own the pet or person or thing that the author describes? This book does not prompt wild guessing based on picture clues. The word answer and a companion picture cannot be seen until he turns the page. The student captures the meaning from the text alone. The illustrations are a fun reward for the "right answer." This book earned five stars from the children who read the initial draft.

What a fun way to stimulate thinking skills as well as reading! Does your student enjoy playing the game, "I Spy?" Then her eyes will sparkle with Let's Play, "I See."