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Hidden Secrets to Language Success DVD

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Wanda explains, "One goal for Hidden Secrets is to help the teacher experience being a student who is learning words she doesn't already know how to spell. This is the only way an adult can grasp the value of our form of spelling dictation." Another goal is to clarify the four distinguishing characteristics of the spelling portion of Spell to Write and Read. English is a complex massive language. Visual memory alone is not adequate to master English spelling. SWR gives reinforcement aids for remembering even challenging words.

You will see glimpses of foundational facets of the program: phonogram work, penmanship work, spelling dictation, spelling rule work, and numerous spelling reference pages. You will see how and why we do certain things. The concept of Think to Spell is explained in detail. It is easier to hear and see this then it is to just read about it.

SWR can be applied to multiple situations from the preschooler to the high schooler, to the English as a foreign language student. The DVD focuses on the core essentials that apply to all levels of English vocabulary.